Model Collections

Organized by discipline, these collections are designed to provide samples of each possible type of collection that a department or office might want to showcase. We plan to continue adding more - please let us know which disciplines you'd like to see by e-mailing us at !

Biology Collections

Biology departments and researchers produce a wide variety of content, not just articles but also lab and technical reports, images, journals and newsletters, even books. Featured here are some examples of the types of work that may be being produced by biologists on your campus that may benefit from being showcased in your repository.

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Biology Weebinar

Economics Collections

Collected here are a wide range of excellent publications in the field of economics, including journals, working paper series, conferences, newsletters, and faculty and student research. The collections are enhanced by features such as PDF viewers, custom metadata, and cover images.

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Education Collections

Education programs produce a wealth of materials, from faculty publications to curricular materials to conferences and symposia. This collection pulls together a range of content types, including journals and senior capstones, to exemplify this variety.

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Education Weebinar

Engineering Collections

These outstanding engineering collections provide rich metadata and supplemental files including video and data sets. From conferences to journals to technical reports, these wide-ranging examples offer just a few of the varied ways that research can be showcased in Digital Commons.

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Engineering Weebinar

History Collections

The research output of faculty and students in history reaches far beyond books and articles, including conference proceedings, oral histories, image collections, and other types of content. In fact, several of the collections featured here include a combination of these, providing additional context to the research.

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Mathematics Collections

Represented here is a collection of materials produced by mathematics departments, which includes faculty and student research, journals, technical reports, even special collections and an open access textbook. These collections take advantage of a variety of features such as customized metadata and PDF viewers.

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Mathematics Weebinar

Medicine and Health Sciences Collections

Unique and cutting-edge research in medicine and health sciences is highlighted in this collection which includes medical journals, conference proceedings, oral histories, faculty publications, and capstone projects. The examples feature streaming video, podcasts, data publication, dynamic journal structures, and other innovative ways that faculty and students are showcasing their work.

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Medicine and Health Sciences Weebinar

Music Collections

From conferences to composition series, these outstanding collections include work from faculty and students, performance series, journals, and special collections. There are podcasts, recordings, images, interviews, conference proceedings, and music theory, ranging from classical music to modern electronica and everything in between.

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Music Weebinar

Office of Research Collections

Repository services have expanded far beyond helping just faculty and students and quickly spread campus-wide, including to the Office of Research. The collections here represent some of the different types of content a research office may have that could benefit from being showcased in the repository, such as annual reports, proposal templates, patents, and grant awards.

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Office of Research Weebinar

Political Science Collections

This political science collection showcases extensive faculty and student research, dynamic conferences, special collections, robust journals, distinguished lecture series, and active working papers series. The rich metadata and supplemental files include audio, video, slides, datasets, images, and PowerPoint presentations.

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Political Science Weebinar