Reviewing an Original Research Manuscript for the International Journal of Exercise Science: A Guide for Students and Professionals


Considerations for the review process of manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Exercise Science are presented. Initial steps to evaluation include reading the abstract to determine your ability as a reviewer, becoming familiar with the journal requirements, and formulating an initial impression of the manuscript. At this point an assessment is made to determine how the reviewer should treat the manuscript. If it is determined that the manuscript is acceptable with minor revisions, or may be acceptable with major changes, a full review should be performed. A full review of the manuscript requires a thorough examination of the major headings including the Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. The written review is composed of two parts, a section with the decision that is composed of comments only for the editor, and a section that provides feedback to the authors. Specific comments to the authors should include an honest critique that aids in improving the manuscript.


Originally published in International Journal of Exercise Science, Vol. 1, Issue 2. 2008.