Publishing, Promoting, and Archiving Faculty Work with Digital Commons

SelectedWorks™ is a research announcement tool that allows scholars to maximize the readership and impact of their work. With SelectedWorks, scholars can create their own search engine optimized website in minutes, build a network of colleagues who follow their work, and submit papers directly to the repository.

SelectedWorks is an optional add-on to the Digital Commons suite. It is a valuable tool for feeding and growing Digital Commons repositories because it provides incentive for faculty participation.

I have been floored by the number of downloads from my SelectedWorks site and love using it to announce new work to interested friends and colleagues.

—Professor John J. Donohue III, Leighton Homer Surbeck Professor of Law, Yale University

Encourage scholars to share their research

Scholars can announce and distribute articles, working papers, presentations, and other works to their own network of colleagues and other readers. Automatic monthly readership reports keep administrators and faculty well-informed of their works' download count and encourages continued engagement with the repository.

Enhance the profile of your institution

Attractive, professional, and easily navigable scholar pages branded with your institution’s logo and colors make each scholar and department look their best. And enhanced SEO means that when prospective students, alumni, and members of the community search for your faculty, they’ll easily find each scholar’s work.

Improve and simplify department faculty pages

Relieve your departments of the IT burden and give scholars direct control over their web identity with an easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain WYSIWYG interface and professionally designed site. The Digital Commons platform allows faculty and administrators to create their own online presence from start to finish—with little or no help.