Testimonials about the Digital Commons Institutional Repository Platform

The biggest advantage of the Digital Commons platform system for me is that it allows me to focus on two things:

  1. Recruiting content
  2. Boosting usage

I don't have to worry about website design, engineering, maintenance, ugrades, compatibility, storage servers, software...

—Paul Royster, Coordinator of Scholarly Communication
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

After listening to other universities talk about their IR experiences, I am more confident than ever that we made the right decision in selecting Digital Commons as our IR platform. I think the suite of services bepress offers is ideal for universities.

—Cheryl Walters, Head of Digital Initiatives Department
Utah State University

We determined that the hosting solution of bepress' Digital Commons platform was best suited for our environment. The robust, powerful back-end can handle a wide variety of content and the fully customizable front-end could be designed to reflect local requirements. In addition, the following factors entered heavily into the decision:

  1. implementation could begin immediately
  2. the site would be customized to our specifications
  3. branding compatible with the 'look and feel' of the law school's website
  4. a collegial atmosphere and a sense of partnership for product development were maintained
  5. hardware and software upgrades and maintenance were handled efficiently, without hampering accessibility
  6. the system is scalable, so we could start modestly and expand as necessary, thereby maximizing the product's potential and doing so on a schedule that works for us
  7. suggestions for enhancements received rapid and positive responses
  8. there is one all-inclusive annual fee which is affordable and, as they say in real estate, offers us the 'biggest bang for our buck' - at a fraction of the cost of implementing an in-house solution
  9. related features, such as the ability to create individual, customizable webpages for faculty, support for image files, and options to facilitate electronic publishing, were also attractive features
  10. most importantly, we gained the flexibility to concentrate 100% on populating the repository

—Pamela Bluh, TCO and ROI: Assessing and Evaluating an Institutional Repository, DigitalCommons@UM Law
The University of Maryland School of Law, 2009

This is a very belated thank you note and letter of appreciation for the work your staff have done for us...I'd like to repeat and share for the record that if all the vendors we worked with had the type of service orientation that bepress technical support staff have, we would have no problems. Congratulations to you for helping to develop, shape, and now lead a superlative group and team of individuals.

—Terri Fishel, Library Director
Macalester College

Our IT branch did not have the resources to support our 'play' with dSPACE and having previously been through a major library software implementation, I wanted something that was well-developed and fully supported. I have to say we love the bepress system. It is easy to use, our ACER research staff also love it and all its features, and the support is just wonderful. My attitude is that there is no such thing as 'free' software and I feel that by paying the license fee we get support and a product that is being developed by professionals, rather than someone with just a passing interest.

—Lance Deveson, Library and Information Manager
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

As a relatively small university, Digital Commons has allowed us to have a functional repository service live to the world in a very short space of time. The attitude and engagement of the staff has been impressive. They have been attentive and responsive and that has been instrumental in our success with the project.

—Stephen McVey, Director Library Services
University of Notre Dame, Australia

dSPACE was initially considered as a platform but we felt that a hosted service proved the best solution for our needs. The reasons for this include:

  1. dSPACE would have required some level of dedicated technical support in order to set it up and to upgrade and maintain it. Such staff resources were not readily available on campus
  2. Digital Commons offered all of the required functionality and flexibility that we needed from an institutional repository
  3. bepress was able to set up and configure the repository within two weeks of our decision to purchase the system.

—Welsh Repository Network, Repository Hardware Case Studies: Glyndwr University Wrexham, 2009
Glyndwr University Wrexham