Indexing Repository Content in Google Scholar


Indexing Repository Content in Google Scholar



How does Google Scholar connect researchers with information?

Hint: It’s not just about robots and algorithms; it's really about people and words. Google has created a powerful academic discovery tool by cultivating partnerships with the people who use it: the students, faculty, researchers, and writers who are looking for scholarly resources, and the publishers, librarians, and institutional repository administrators who provide them.

In this webinar, Darcy Dapra, Partner Manager at Google Scholar, talks about how you can put Google to work for your repository, increase visibility for your scholarly research, and help you connect scholars with the resources they’re looking for.

On the agenda:

  • How indexing in Google Scholar works
  • What types of content are included
  • What you can do to improve your content’s visibility in search

Darcy also discusses best practices for collecting metadata, explores some use cases, and responds to your questions. This is a great opportunity to hear firsthand from one of the people who makes Google Scholar work for the academic community.


Recommended Reading
Below is Darcy's recommended reading list. These items provide a summary of the topics covered in the webinar.

Publication Date

Summer 6-19-2012

Indexing Repository Content in Google Scholar