Publishing Online Journals with Digital Commons Software

Publish professional-grade journals in your institutional repository.

Publishing Online Journals with Digital Commons Software

Reporting tools

Editors and authors receive regular reports on their article downloads automatically with Digital Commons journal management software. Administrators can additionally access Google Analytics™ reports for more detailed information about how their journal is being accessed.

Customization and support

Digital Commons supports open access or subscription-based journals. Journals can have their own customized design, and can include a variety of additional features such as access control and editorial management. Our online journal management software allows for workflows to be easily customized and editors to control their journal settings and policies.

Peer-review features

Digital Commons includes EdiKit™, a professional-grade peer-review and publishing tool that simplifies and expedites the peer-review process by tracking submission and referee activity, automatically emailing appropriate reminders, and providing a mechanism for anonymous correspondence between reviewer and author.

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