Managing Conferences and Events with Digital Commons Software

Promote and publish campus events online.

Managing Conferences and Events with Digital Commons Software

Proceedings, published and visible

Capture the valuable output from your institution’s past events, big and small. Papers can be collected into proceedings series that are fully indexed and discoverable in search engines, disseminated to readers via email and RSS, and integrated with the hosting department’s site on the repository.

Online workflows

Campus conferences come together quickly and professionally thanks to a fully online workflow. Conference editors have tools to easily manage electronic paper submission, peer review, acceptance, permissions, and publication. They can post the event schedule and the embedded registration directly on the conference site.


With embedded images, slideshows, and videos, organizers can stream presentations, post photos, and easily promote their event. They can have their site branded with a completely unique design. They can also invite dialogue with attendees by activating interactive commenting before or after the event. And they can demonstrate the global reach of their conference by applying geo-location tags to proceedings and conference content.

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