The research output of faculty and students in history reaches far beyond books and articles, including conference proceedings, oral histories, image collections, and other types of content. In fact, several of the collections featured here include a combination of these, providing additional context to the research.

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History Weebinar


Book Collections


Captive Audiences/Captive Performers from Macalester College

This book discusses how music and theatre helped 61,000 POWs in Japanese camps in Southeast Asia to survive their ordeal. In addition to the text of the book, the collection also includes images, video clips, and audio clips that pertain to the topic. The post-a-comment feature has been enabled so visitors can provide comments and feedback on the material.


Texas Medical History E-Books at the Texas Medical Center

This collection of books provides valuable information on the history of medicine in the state of Texas. The full-text of each book is available for download, as are the individual chapters.


Connecticut Legal History at Yale Law School

This collection of historical books share information on specific legal cases in the state of Connecticut. It also contains personal documents from lawyers who practiced in Connecticut.

Campus Conferences, Proceedings, or Symposia


Women's History in the Digital World 2013 at Bryn Mawr College

The Women’s History in the Digital World conference, March 22-23 2013 at Bryn Mawr College, brought together scholars working on women's history projects with a digital component. In addition to providing streaming video of the keynote presentation, they have also indicated which of the sessions have the presentations available for download.


Graduate History Conference at the University of Massachusetts - Boston

This annual conference is hosted by the History Graduate Student Association in collaboration with the History Department Faculty. Article pages in this collection feature Creative Commons licenses and PDF viewers.


Following in the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories at Wright State University

Following the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories was a one-day symposium held at Wright State University on September 28, 2001. The collection features a custom banner and makes the full text of the presentations openly available.

Curricular Materials


History 650 Oral History Interviews

These interviews were conducted by students in the Master of Arts in History program, as a class assignment for History 650, Oral History Theory and Methods. The documents are organized by document type and include syllabi and legal releases. Each interview makes field notes, transcripts, and audio files available for download.

Faculty and Student Research


Honors Theses from Colby College

Collected by department from a larger series, these History Honors Theses date back to 1994.


Faculty Research and Creative Activity at Eastern Illinois University

This collection of faculty works includes Creative Commons licensing on the article page as well as a customized series banner. Additionally, they feature History Department faculty SelectedWorks pages in the sidebar.


History Theses from Buffalo State, The State University of New York

These history theses included expanded metadata such as first and second readers and an indication as to whether the thesis is openly available.



The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era

The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era publishes annually undergraduate papers, including academic essays, public history essays, and book reviews, on the Civil War Era.


Madison Historical Review at James Madison University

The Madison Historical Review is a peer-reviewed journal operated by the history graduate students at James Madison University. In addition to a custom banner, they have also implemented a custom logo on the PDF cover pages.


Canadian Military History Journal at Wilfrid Laurier University

CMH is a peer-reviewed academic journal in a magazine format, published quarterly by the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies. It is distributed through Wilfrid Laurier University Press.



Department of History Newsletter from Syracuse University

Syracuse is using the book gallery to capture and display newsletters from the department of history.

Special Collections


Hebert Nuremberg Collection from Louisiana State University Law Center

The photos and documents presented here were selected from the files of Paul M. Hebert, who served as Dean of the Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center from 1937 until his death in 1977. The collection features Hebert's opinions, discussions, and other documents as well as images from the trial.


Watergate Hearings from Santa Clara Law

This series is a collection of papers produced during the Watergate Hearings that were donated by Congressman Don Edwards to the Heafey Law Library. It showcases the collection in a book gallery and provides a preview of each document in a PDF viewer on the article pages.


Smoke Jumpers Oral History Project at University of Montana

In these interviews, smokejumpers and support personnel recount their experiences throughout the Northwest United States. The interviews were conducted during a 1984 reunion in Missoula, Montana, and were funded by a grant from the Montana Committee for the Humanities and the U.S. Forest Service History Office. The article pages feature expanded, customized metadata and offer both the audio file and transcript of each interview for download.