Education programs produce a wealth of materials, from faculty publications to curricular materials to conferences and symposia. This collection pulls together a range of content types, including journals and senior capstones, to exemplify this variety.

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Education Weebinar


Campus Conferences, Proceedings, or Symposia


Conference on University Education in Natural Resources at Utah State University

This conference sports its own branding and allows readers to browse the event's content back to 2002. The site allows readers to search, browse, and download conference presentations from the meetings. This event explores teaching, learning innovations, and issues facing educators in natural resource fields.


Education for a Global Future: 21st Century Challenges in Sustainability and Climate Conference at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

UNLV's urban sustainability conference offers full-text downloads of sessions in its conference programs and extensive keywords for easy browsing. Introductory text gives readers context and raises SEO.


Technology in Education Symposium at Western University

This well-documented conference allows readers to easily browse presentations, keynote address, and posters, with streaming video available for certain presentations as well as full-text downloads.

Curricular Materials


Computational Math Science and Technology (CMST) Institute Lesson Plans from The College at Brockport

The CMST Institute lesson plans are the result of a training program for middle and high school math and science teachers from the Rochester City and Brighton Central School Districts. Supplemental files in the collection include the lesson plan as well as any application files.


Expedition: Yellowstone! STARRS Curriculum Materials at the University of Wyoming

Supported by an NSF grant, these materials contain both background information and lesson plans designed to enhance the Expedition: Yellowstone! curriculum.


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (ITLS) Videos at Utah State University

These streaming videos, also available for download, provide training and background to emergency services personnel on how to safely and effectively handle scenarios involving fires.


Resident as Teacher: Developing Skills for Bedside Teaching on Ward Rounds from Thomas Jefferson University

This collection is a series of vignettes developed by the faculty and residents of Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University for the annual course, "Teaching Residents to Teach."

Faculty and Student Research


College of Education Electronic Theses and Dissertations from Florida International University

FIU's broad collection of theses and dissertations dating back to 1995 includes rich metadata, detailed abstracts, and downloadable full text which readers can browse or search.


Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle Level Education Faculty Research and Creative Activity from Eastern Illinois University

This wide-ranging collection includes both faculty research and "creative activity" from this department. Creative Commons Licenses are displayed in the metadata, along with detailed abstracts, full-text, and a link to the Education Commons in the Digital Commons Network.


Educational Studies Senior Projects from Trinity College

These senior projects date back to 2002, offering full-text downloads and additional files for many projects. This collection is an important step for students to fulfill Trinity's Educational Studies Program Learning Goals.


Education Program Faculty Research and Scholarship from Bryn Mawr College

Dating back to 2000, this collection showcases faculty work with full metadata including DOIs and publisher's statements where applicable. Full-text as well as embargoed articles are included to highlight a range of faculty work.


International Education Capstones from SIT Digital Collections

This impressive collection features open access full-text downloads for papers written after July 2011. Detailed abstracts and rich metadata round out this showcase for undergraduate work.


Teaching and Learning Theses and Dissertations from the University of Iowa

Dating back to 2003, these ETDs feature full-text downloads and extensive metadata including bibliographic and copyright information.



Australian Journal of Teacher Education from Edith Cowan University

AJTE seeks to enhance the quality of teacher education. This journal features over 40 back issues and counting, along with vibrant current issues offering full-text open access articles. They employ a banner image to give the journal its own look and feel.


Journal of Executive Education from Kennesaw State University

JEE is an interdisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal that uses the powerful peer-review tools embedded in their Digital Commons platform. They include their archived issues on the site.


Journal of Multilingual Education Research from Fordham University

JMER features a streamlined design and a cover image of their journal. They offer authors numerous document types such as book and multimedia reviews.

Special Collections


Not Just a Teacher: Oral Histories from the University of Wyoming

This rich collection of oral histories includes interviews as far back as 1979. Detailed introductory text orients readers and raises SEO, while pictures and geolocation provide further context.