Generate List of URLs for Batch Uploading Fulltext Files Using Google Drive


Instead of copying individual share links for items to be batch uploaded to Digital Commons, the getURLs Apps Script can be used to generate a list of URLs to copy to the batch upload Excel spreadsheet. All that is needed is a folder in Google Drive to hold the files to be uploaded and a Google Sheets spreadsheet to bind the script to. In addition to the getURLs Apps Script, documentation for one-time setup and instructions for using the getURLs Apps Script are available. Please note: a filename field is necessary to be able to sort the batch upload Excel spreadsheet to match the fulltext URL Google spreadsheet.

The getURLs script was first introduced during "Automating Workflow: From a Trickle to a Stream" presented at the Digital Commons + Great Lakes User Group meeting in 2014. Updates to the script and related documentation are added to the presentation record additional files. This includes:

  • Documentation for Google Drive batch upload setup
  • getURLs Apps Script
  • Instructions for using the getURLS Apps Script