Publishing and Editorial Management Software for Institutional Repositories

Publishing can help make your repository a thriving community that scholars want to join. Digital Commons comes uniquely equipped with EdiKit™, a professional-grade peer-review/editorial management system. EdiKit extends professional publishing services to faculty, students, and other scholars.

Engage Scholars

Scholars at every stage of their career need to publish. Give them the tools and support they need to start their own journals, create peer-review communities, and build their profile in the field right on the repository.

Original content can be the most popular content

Journals are among the most popular destinations in a repository and a great way to attract interested readers to your site. Digital Commons' open access journal publishing software allows scholars to establish new journals and make available archived journal content to disseminate their own work and ideas on a global scale.

Build an on-campus publishing program

Increasing numbers of universities are establishing their own library-based publishing programs on campus. Digital Commons can help launch your online repository quickly and efficiently (in about a month, in fact), build out your library's digital collections, and develop a plan for long-term success.